How to Maintain Your Trampoline in Winter


Q: Can trampolines be used in winter?

A: You can safely use trampolines during the winter season. Our jumping mat is made to withstand all weather conditions and is durable, which means you can still jump even when it’s cold outside. Before using a trampoline, it’s crucial to ensure that the springs, mat, and frame are in good condition.

Q: If you don’t plan on using your trampoline during the winter, what is the proper way to store it?

A: If you don’t plan on using your trampoline during the winter, there are two ways to store it safely. The first option is to take off the jumping mat, safety net, and springs and store them inside a dry area to prevent moisture from accumulating. You can leave the metal frame and poles outside in the yard.

If you’re using the trampoline for the first time after a long winter, there are important steps you should take to ensure safety.

Check the condition of the trampoline parts: Thoroughly inspect the trampoline parts for any signs of wear, tear, or aging. Ensure that the springs, jump mat, enclosure net, and frame do not have cracks, holes, tears, or fractures.

Assess the safety and stability: Evaluate the trampoline to make sure all parts are properly attached and secure. Replace any questionable parts. Thrifty provides free replacement of accessories for customers within the warranty period. You can order the required accessories directly from the Free Parts page by providing your order number and photos demonstrating the damage. Once verified, the replacement will be issued promptly.

Reassemble the trampoline: After confirming that all parts are in good condition, reassemble the trampoline according to the installation manual, if necessary.

Q: What problems can you face when leaving the trampoline outdoors during winter, and how can you solve them?

A: If you choose to leave the trampoline outdoors during winter, certain issues may arise. Here’s what you can do to address them:

Windy areas: In particularly windy regions, it is crucial to secure the trampoline with anchors to prevent damage and ensure safety.

Heavy snowy weather: It is not advisable to use a cover during heavy snowy weather as it can collect snow and lead to sagging, mold, or frame damage. To protect your trampoline, carefully clear away accumulated snow using a soft bristle brush or broom. Gently push the snow away from the frame and the center of the mat towards the edges. Avoid using shovels, hard brushes, or any tools that could damage the mat. Exercise caution while removing snow to prevent any harm.

To ensure your trampoline lasts long and remains safe for future use, it’s important to follow these guidelines for winter maintenance.