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The ABCs of trampoline care and maintenance:

Sell of trampoline in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is growing rapidly due to the increasing number of the middle class population. The need to care and maintain your trampoline is paramount to ensure safety of trampoline users.

Below are some useful tips on how to care and maintain your trampoline:

  • The initial step towards proper care and maintenance of trampoline in Kenya starts the very first day that you install your trampoline. Placing your trampoline on safe ground will significantly reduce your chances of needing to do a repair.
  • Ensure that no structures are under your trampoline, no matter how small
  • If the trampoline is positioned on an abrasive surface like concrete, it is recommended you put some rubber matting under the legs. This will stop the noise of the rubbing and wearing the metal through
  • Enlightening the kids on the safe and appropriate use before they get on, is a proactive strategy in care and maintenance of trampoline in Nairobi and other towns within Kenya. In some instances, we have had kids damage their new trampoline mat within days by putting bikes, diggers, sparklers, and even using knives on their trampoline with consequent holes and tears occurring.
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