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Explore the world of trampolines with our renowned trampoline parts service Nairobi Kenya, catering to Nairobi and beyond. Our expertise extends to areas such as Lavington, Karen, Kerarapon, Runda, Loresho, Rosslyn, Kiambu, Membley, Ruiru, Tigoni, Kitisuru, Peponi, Westlands, Parklands, and many more.

We specialize in the sale and installation of trampolines in Nairobi Kenya , offering a comprehensive range of parts to enhance your bouncing experience. Our selection includes essential components such as bouncing mats, poles, springs, triangular hooks, and safety nets. Should wear and tear occur, we also provide salvage services for torn nets and bouncing mats, with prices varying based on the trampoline size.

Experience the convenience of same-day delivery and repair services within Nairobi, ensuring that your trampoline is always ready for action. Trust us for quality trampoline parts service Nairobi Kenya and reliable services that elevate your bouncing adventure to new heights.

Maintaining the safety and durability of your trampoline requires regular inspections and proper care. At Frugal Innovations, we provide authentic trampoline parts and comprehensive inspection services to ensure optimal performance. Our meticulous attention is directed towards various crucial trampoline components, including:

Safety Net and Enclosure: We prioritize the examination of safety nets and enclosures to guarantee a secure environment for users.

Springs: Thorough inspection of springs is conducted to identify any signs of wear or damage, ensuring a consistent and safe bouncing experience.

Jumping Mat: The jumping mat is a critical element, and we meticulously assess its condition to verify its durability and integrity.

Frame: Our inspections focus on the trampoline frame, checking for any structural issues that may compromise its stability.

Spring Pad or Safety Pad: We examine the condition of the spring pad or safety pad to ensure it provides adequate protection and cushioning.

Legs and Support Braces: The stability of the trampoline is closely inspected by examining the legs and support braces for any potential weaknesses.

Tension of Springs: We pay special attention to the tension of the springs to maintain the proper balance and responsiveness of the trampoline.

Anchor Kits (for outdoor trampolines): Outdoor trampolines are secured with anchor kits, and we inspect their condition to enhance stability, especially in varying weather conditions.

Frugal Innovations is dedicated to promoting trampoline safety Nairobi Kenya through our comprehensive inspection services and genuine trampoline parts. Trust us to keep your trampoline in top-notch condition for a safe and enjoyable bouncing experience.

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