Trampoline Innovation in Kenya & Tanzania

Aesthetic Natural Swimming Pool with a Trampoline in Kenya & Tanzania


Have you ever thought of having a trampoline in Kenya and Tanzania diving board next to a natural swimming pool?

For those who have enough space in their garden, they probably already have a swimming pool too. Nothing is so nice and refreshing than having a pool, where one can just chill and enjoy the summer in the coolness of the water!

Having a trampoline diving board at one end of the pool will also guarantee your children having such a fantastic time, as they enjoy jumping in the pool.

Because the trampoline is made out of waterproof material, it won’t get damage even if it gets wet. Moreover, this source of pure joy can be set up so easily.

  • For those who don’t have a swimming pool, you can always make a natural one, that is chemical-free and environmental friendly
  • It is crucial to surround such a pool with plenty of vegetation, to give it a natural look, while ensuring the plants stay fresh for long as they are near water

Ten ingenious ways of utilizing your old trampoline

It is an indisputable fact that trampolines are a great source of fun for both the young and old. Conversely, the natural wear and tear that comes over a period of time makes a trampoline

unsuitable for bounce time. The good news is that there are myriad “post bounce” usages, for old trampolines!

From sprucing up your garden to cozy hammocks and day beds, check out some ten creative ideas you can experiment with your trampoline, when it’s no longer fit for bouncing:

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  1. Turn your old trampoline into a greenhouse

For the DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiasts with an eye for green, the frame of an old trampoline can be modified into the frame of a greenhouse.

The fervent gardener keen on growing a few veggies in the backyard, this offers such a perfect start, with the following items required to complete your pet project:

  • Some PVC piping
  • Wood for door frame
  • Electrical tape
  • Some screens
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Some thermometers

With a power drill and a keen eye on the instructions, you’ll have a fully functional greenhouse in record time!

  • Make a garden out of your old trampoline

Getting plants to grow just right is a tricky business, especially when they’re still seedlings.

  • The frame sections of an old trampoline comes in handy,helping grow plants in a garden
  • This can happen by implanting the frame sections in ‘upside down position,’ while using hemp string or some other biodegradable material to tie the seedlings to the guiding frame. Over time, the plants will grow just as you want them to
  • The good thing about this option is that one can design new patches however you want. This is made possible by using retaining bricks to create raised planter boxes, or by digging straight into the existing soil in the  garden

Once the plants are grown high enough to support themselves, you can remove the guide frames and start a new patch elsewhere.   Trampoline sale in Kenya & Tanzania. Contact Thrifty Innovations Co. Ltd. For all trampoline accessories & replacement parts in Nairobi Kenya & Tanzania. Call 0722724893