Tips for Repairing a Trampoline Zipper in Kenya

Repairing a Trampoline Zipper

When a trampoline zipper isn’t working properly, it can be caused by various issues. Two possible causes are a damaged trampoline zipper lock or a damaged enclosure zip that cannot be fixed. In these scenarios, repairing a trampoline zipper may be necessary. However, the most straightforward explanation for a malfunctioning trampoline zipper is that it’s stuck. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to this problem.

 Stuck Trampoline Zipper

If you’re experiencing a stuck zipper on your trampoline enclosure net, carefully examine the entire length for any fabric snags or tangles. Mesh materials are commonly used for enclosure nets, so it’s important to be cautious when zipping in order to avoid tears. If the zipper is caught on the material, the Frugal Trampoline service center suggests gently moving it away from the zipper and using tweezers for a better grip on the soft fabric.

In case the zipper is stuck for no apparent reason, try the classic pencil trick. Simply insert a graphite pencil into the zipper and rub it in to release graphite dust, which may loosen the zipper. Alternatively, you can try rubbing Vaseline, chapstick, or bar soap on the zipper as a lubricant. After successfully opening the zipper, wash off any residue and resume jumping on your trampoline!

 Broken Zipper Lock

If the issue with your zipper is not the zipper itself but rather a broken zipper lock, it can cause damage to the zipper if used without the additional safety lock while jumping on a trampoline. However, replacing the broken lock is a viable solution. Our store offers various metal hooks or plastic clasps that are suitable for this purpose. Additionally, you should purchase some strong nylon strapping material and thread and keep the nylon thread in your trampoline zipper repair kit, as you may need it again. You will also need four nylon fabric patches for each safety clasp, and an old backpack can be repurposed for this.

To repair the zipper lock:

  1. Start by sewing the nylon strap onto one of the patches.
  2. Place that patch next to the zipper on the outside of the enclosure, add another patch on the other side, and sew the two patches together.
  3. Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the zipper, and you will be able to attach the plastic clasps to the straps and secure the trampoline zipper lock.

The Nairobi Trampoline Zipper Replacement

Let’s discuss how to get a replacement zipper for your trampoline. If you have accidentally damaged the zipper or its lock, you can mend it with nylon thread. However, if it is beyond repair, you’ll need to replace it.

What materials are necessary for a trampoline zipper replacement? Firstly, you’ll need a seam ripper to remove the current zipper. Most safety net zippers are attached to the mesh with nylon material, so carefully remove the seams closest to the zipper while keeping the nylon intact. This will allow you to sew the replacement zipper in the same location.

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