Thrifty Trampoline Enclosure – Setting Up and Assembling


The THRIFTY trampoline is a fantastic toy for kids of all ages. However, to ensure your children can bounce safely, it’s important to consider adding a trampoline enclosure. Whether you already own a trampoline or are thinking about purchasing one, it’s highly recommended to add an enclosure to your shopping list. These enclosures are made of durable nylon net material and fit on top of the trampoline to provide an extra layer of safety. THRIFTY offers standard and premium enclosures for their round trampolines, which feature a zip opening to ensure complete safety while bouncing.

Trampoline enclosure types

THRIFTY offers trampoline enclosures that are lightweight and made of nylon. They have three types of enclosure available for all trampoline sizes – standard, premium, and rectangular models. The standard round enclosure fits around the outside of the safety pads and springs and is suitable for THRIFTY AIR trampolines, as well as roundest trampolines with the same number of legs. The premium round enclosure is designed for 12ft – 15ft trampolines and sits inside the safety pad and springs. It comes in four sizes and has padded enclosure poles to hold the net securely in place.

Assembling the standard enclosure

Assembling Thrifty’s standard trampoline enclosure is easy, but it might require two people. The enclosure includes a nylon netting that is connected to the trampoline using eight poles. For the 15ft enclosure, ten poles are used, and they are securely fastened in place.Here are the steps to assemble the enclosure:

  1. Please ensure that you have all the required components. If any pieces are absent, kindly get in touch with Thrifty’s customer service within three days of identifying the issue.
  2. Assemble the enclosure’s poles by taking the pole with two evenly sized ends and putting the foam and cap to the end of the pole without any holes. Push the pole sleeve over the cap and onto the pole. The sleeve and net are designed to stay neatly in place, which is why the fit is intentionally tight. To assemble the pole, connect the bottom part with the foot to the top part. You’ll hear a clicking sound when the bottom leg pin is properly inserted into the hole of the upper leg.
  3. To properly install the enclosure poles for your trampoline, position each pole against a leg of the trampoline with the pole’s foot on the ground. To keep it secure, use two U-bolt clamps to fasten it in place. placing one a few inches off the ground and the other below the leg extension joint.. To avoid the U-bolt getting stuck lopsided, screw one bolt a bit and then the other before tightening. Finally, use a wrench to tighten both bolts and ensure the poles are stable and secure.
  4. To set up the enclosure net, first unfold it. Then, wrap the Velcro straps around the caps on top of the poles to attach the top edge. Wrap them once or twice if the net appears to be loose. Finally, wrap the middle Velcro straps on the net around the poles.
  5. To secure the trampoline properly, take the straps with hooks at the bottom and insert them around the edge of the trampoline. Make sure to tuck them under the springs and attach the hooks to the v-net rings on the mat. Align the straps with the nearest spring hook for best results.

6.Your enclosure is ready to use once you have secured all the Velcro straps and hooks. If you notice any missing parts, please reach out to Thrifty’s customer support within three days.