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Trampoline care and maintenance in Nairobi Kenya are crucial for ensuring the longevity of your trampoline. But what specific aspects should you focus on? We shall share Trampoline safety guidelines and maintenance routines that, when performed annually, will keep your trampoline in optimal condition!

Assess the Jumping Mat’s Condition

The jumping mat undergoes intense use during bouncing sessions, making it crucial to inspect for signs of wear and tear, including holes. Additionally, examine the V-rings on the trampoline mat, where the springs attach, to ensure they remain intact. If noticeable wear is present, trampoline mat replacement is recommended

Evaluate the Trampoline’s Bounce

Trampoline bounce surface repair is crucial indeed.  If you sense a decrease in the trampoline’s bounce, it’s time to scrutinize the springs. Test the spring force by removing one and checking for any stretching or bending. Replace any springs showing signs of wear. Frugal innovations springs are double galvanized, providing rust resistance, but if rust is detected, replace the affected springs.

Thoroughly Inspect the Safety Pad

Trampoline safety padding plays a crucial role in ensuring safe jumping. Frugal’s weather-resistant safety pads are durable, but regular checks are essential. If the springs are no longer adequately covered, consider investing in a new safety pad.

Confirm Frame Stability

The trampoline frame is a critical element for both in-ground and leg-supported models, forming a stable foundation. For effective Trampoline frame maintenance, regularly inspect the screws and tighten them as needed. Frugal trampoline frames are galvanized for long-term durability. If a frame part exhibits wear after years of use, consider purchasing a new frame tube.

Verify the Safety Net’s Condition

Regularly check components of the safety net, such as the fiberglass tubes supporting the net and the ‘top caps’ securing these tubes. If any issues arise, replace these parts to prevent damage to the safety net itself. Despite the high-quality material of Frugal safety nets, occasional wear can occur. If significant wear and tear are observed, trampoline net replacement in Nairobi Kenya is advised.  This is among the trampoline care tips that ensure safe jumping for your child and other users.

Adhering to a thorough trampoline maintenance routine through a trampoline maintenance schedule is key to maximizing its lifespan and ensuring a safe and enjoyable jumping experience. By annually checking the jumping mat, springs, safety pad, frame stability, and safety net, you contribute to the trampoline’s optimal condition. Whether it’s replacing worn-out components or tightening screws, these proactive measures safeguard against potential hazards and maintain the trampoline’s performance. Investing time and effort in the trampoline maintenance process not only enhances the durability of your trampoline in Nairobi Kenya but also guarantees a secure environment for countless hours of spring and summer enjoyment. So, take the initiative to care for your trampoline, and let the Frugal trampoline experts in Nairobi restore your trampoline’s glory for several more years to come.

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Kenyan Trampolines can provide a lot of fun and exercise for people of all ages, but it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure safety and longevity. Here are ten trampoline mat maintenance tips to keep your trampoline in Kenya  in good condition

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Bring your mat inside during the winter: Cold temperatures and snow can damage the trampoline mat and springs. Store your trampoline in a dry, sheltered place during the winter months.

Use a UV protective spray in spring before the sunniest days begin: The sun’s rays can cause the trampoline mat to fade, weaken, and become brittle. Applying a UV protective spray in the spring can help prevent this.

Don’t allow gravel or sand on the mat: Small rocks and sand can damage the trampoline mat and springs. Keep the trampoline area clear of debris.

Replace springs immediately when they over-stretch, rust, or pop out: Springs that are stretched beyond their limit, rusted, or have popped out of their socket should be replaced immediately to prevent injury and further damage to the trampoline.

Repair holes immediately when they appear before they grow in size: Small holes in the trampoline mat can grow over time and become a safety hazard. Repair them as soon as they appear to prevent further damage.

Don’t try to repair a trampoline mat over ten years old: Trampoline mats have a limited lifespan. If your trampoline mat is over ten years old, it’s time to replace it.

Don’t go over the weight capacity of the mat. One at a time is the best rule: Each trampoline has a maximum weight capacity. Jumping with more people or exceeding the weight limit can cause damage to the mat and springs.

Take shoes off before jumping: Shoes can damage the trampoline mat and springs, creating a slipping hazard. Always remove your shoes before jumping on the trampoline.

Put a safety pad over the springs to protect the springs and jumpers: Safety pads cover the springs and protect jumpers from falling on or getting caught in the springs.

Use the right length of springs: The length of the springs should be appropriate for the weight of the jumper. Shorter springs are fine for kids, while longer springs are needed for higher weights. Make sure you have the correct springs for your trampoline.

Trampoline repairs Nairobi, Kenya

Are you a trampoline owner residing in Kenya? If so, you’ve likely made a savvy investment. However, have you assessed the current condition of your trampoline?

Are the safety net and springs showing signs of wear, tear, or detachment from their supports?

Is the jumping mat sagging or loose due to disconnection from the springs?

Is your spring pad torn, failing to offer adequate protection against potential injuries from exposed springs?

It’s crucial to prioritize the maintenance of your trampoline, especially concerning the safety of your loved ones. For all your trampoline-related needs, including repairs, new purchases, and accessories, rely on the trusted industry leaders in Kenya – Thrifty Enterprises Ltd.

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