Making Trampoline Cleaning in Kenya Fun

Parents know how difficult it can be getting their children to clean, let alone do any form of chores. In this article, we will provide a few tips for making trampoline cleaning fun for your children and leave them looking forward to it every single day.

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  • Competition

Kids usually love competition and parents use this to their advantage when they are trying to make them finish their food or complete a task. This trick can also be used for cleaning the trampoline. It could be the one who finished cleaning their part of the trampoline first will get candy or the one who picks most leaves around the trampoline will choose the movie to be watched later in the evening. The idea is to be very creative about the gifts and make the tasks fun for them!

  • Water Fights

The trampoline mat is the most important of the trampoline during cleaning. The most effective way is to use a little soap and water, mix them then use a soft brush to clean. A hose pipe will come in handy while rinsing the mat and also cleaning the other parts of the trampoline. Avoid using harsh chemicals while cleaning because this could damage your trampoline.

Once you are done with cleaning, take this opportunity to have a water fight. Involve everyone even the older children, make it a family fun activity. This will leave the children always looking forward to trampoline cleaning days.

  • Rewards

The world revolves around knowing that there’s a reward for almost everything you do. You go to work because you know that you will receive a salary after every month or every week.  This also encourages kids when it comes to tasks, promise something at the end of the cleaning activity. It could be extra jumping time on the trampoline, more candy. More TV time etc

This also requires a lot of creativity from the parents and knowing what your kids enjoy most so that the gift that you promise makes them work easy and fast.

  • Music

Music makes everything more fun and enjoyable; it also makes it look that time has gone faster. It creates an environment where cleaning is fun and not just hard work.

Create a playlist that you know your children will enjoy and see the magic!

  •  Ownership

Constantly reminding your children that it’s their trampoline and that they should take responsibility for it is very important. Therefore, create a roster for them for cleaning it and days for picking toys and leaves around it.

This is also a way of teaching them responsibility and work ethic where they don’t have to be constantly micromanaged.

It is important to always keep your trampoline clean and not directly under the sun because the rays can damage the mat and reduce the longevity of the trampoline.

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