Trampoline Pad Maintenance in Kenya

Trampoline Pad Replacement

Trampoline pad maintenance in Kenya is critical because trampoline pads cover the joints and springs that connect the metallic parts, providing extra user safety. By blocking the gaps between springs, the children and other bouncers will be safe from accidents.

However, most trampoline owners in Nairobi Kenya overlook these foam, water-resistant covers while performing routine maintenance. Ideally, this exposes the protective pads to harsh weather elements, leading to cracks and drying out.

Your trampoline pad will be robust, elastic, and effective if you observe these essential things.

Manufacturing material

The best trampoline pads are made from a 1-inch closed expanded polyethylene or EPE. This high-quality material helps in water, mold mildew, and bacteria resistance. Similarly, they have an outer Poly Vinyl Chloride outer layer that is UV resistant and makes them friendly to outdoor activities.

Some manufacturers offer budget pricing, which may be within the reach of many Kenyans. However, the ongoing maintenance costs make the so-called pocket-friendly pads expensive in the long run.

Observing safety and regular maintenance

Treating trampoline pads in Kenya as part of your family unit helps you better understand their vitality. Thus, keeping them clean regularly helps reduce their interaction with harsh elements and dirt.

Sweeping and mild washing can do the trick in helping you have good and lasting trampoline cover pads.

Avoid harsh detergents

Harsh detergents kill off all the unseen germs leaving your trampoline safer than before. Coincidentally, they also erode the vital outer layer of the mats and pads.

Pay attention to the outer sides and the stitching rails when washing or gently scrubbing. Dry the pads from direct sunlight for better preparation before conditioning.

Barrier creams

Trampoline pads in Nairobi Kenya also need regular conditioning with a protective cream, like the other metallic parts requiring greasing. Most people use individual products to handle the UV sun rays and others for the PVC plasticity.

However, the best expert recommendation is getting a cream combination that conditions the cover and protects the pads from the sun. Applying the conditioner every 2 to 3 months is enough to maintain the longevity of your trampoline pad.

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