Trampoline Maintenance, Nairobi Kenya 



Trampolines can provide a lot of fun and exercise for people of all ages, but it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure safety and longevity. Here are ten trampoline mat maintenance tips to keep your trampoline in good condition:

Bring your mat inside during the winter: Cold temperatures and snow can damage the trampoline mat and springs. Store your trampoline in a dry, sheltered place during the winter months.

Use a UV protective spray in spring before the sunniest days begin: The sun’s rays can cause the trampoline mat to fade, weaken, and become brittle. Applying a UV protective spray in the spring can help prevent this.

Don’t allow gravel or sand on the mat: Small rocks and sand can damage the trampoline mat and springs. Keep the trampoline area clear of debris.

Replace springs immediately when they over-stretch, rust, or pop out: Springs that are stretched beyond their limit, rusted, or have popped out of their socket should be replaced immediately to prevent injury and further damage to the trampoline.

Repair holes immediately when they appear before they grow in size: Small holes in the trampoline mat can grow over time and become a safety hazard. Repair them as soon as they appear to prevent further damage.

Don’t try to repair a trampoline mat over ten years old: Trampoline mats have a limited lifespan. If your trampoline mat is over ten years old, it’s time to replace it.

Don’t go over the weight capacity of the mat. One at a time is the best rule: Each trampoline has a maximum weight capacity. Jumping with more people or exceeding the weight limit can cause damage to the mat and springs.

Take shoes off before jumping: Shoes can damage the trampoline mat and springs, creating a slipping hazard. Always remove your shoes before jumping on the trampoline.

Put a safety pad over the springs to protect the springs and jumpers: Safety pads cover the springs and protect jumpers from falling on or getting caught in the springs.

Use the right length of springs: The length of the springs should be appropriate for the weight of the jumper. Shorter springs are fine for kids, while longer springs are needed for higher weights. Make sure you have the correct springs for your trampoline.

Trampoline repairs Nairobi, Kenya

Are you a trampoline owner in Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda? If so, then you’re likely a smart investor. However, have you checked the current condition of your trampoline?

Are the safety net and springs worn out, torn, or detached from their poles?

Is the jumping mat hanging and loose because it has disconnected from the springs?

Is your spring pad ripped and unable to protect users from potential injuries when using unprotected springs?

It’s important to consider the state of your trampoline, particularly when it comes to your family’s safety. For all your trampoline needs, including repairs, new trampolines, and accessories, trust the market leaders in Kenya – Thrifty Enterprises Ltd.

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