Trampoline Maintenance and Care

Trampoline maintenance and care

A trampoline is a huge investment, and however sturdy it is, if you do not properly care for it, you will lose it. Therefore, it is very important to care for and maintain your trampoline to enhance its longevity. Read on to find out 5 considerations to make for trampoline maintenance and care. 

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Good location is key

You may think since you have a sturdy trampoline you can place it anywhere in the backyard as long as there is enough space. In fact, you are not wrong actually. But it will be better if you can find a shady place where the land is even. Even places are great for the perfect setup of the frame on which the whole trampoline lies.  As long as the frame is established properly, you will have great jumps along with a great life period of your trampoline.

Check your trampoline regularly

Regular maintenance is necessary for pretty much everything in this world whether it is your own health, mobile phones, cars, or trampolines. If you take regular care and maintain your trampoline properly, the jumpers will remain safe for a long time along with your trampoline. So make a routine that you will check the trampoline after a certain period of time. And that time can be a couple of weeks, every month or every two months. Remember that, the most often you can check the trampoline, the greater your trampoline health will be.

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Trampoline covers are necessary

The trampoline cover is an important accessory for taking care of the trampoline throughout the year. If you can’t find a shady place to set up your trampoline, a cover can save your trampoline from the hot sun to some extent. Again you can cover your favorite trampoline in the rain and prevent water from entering your trampoline. To use cover in the winter, you have to take some facts into consideration. Trampoline covers may enable moisture accumulating beneath and thus your trampoline spring or frame may get rusted. So if you use cover in the winter you have to remove the cover from time to time so that moisture can be dried naturally.

Avoid shoes and jewelry

You should jump with bare feet or you can wear socks maximum. Never jump on a trampoline while wearing shoes. This may cause great harm to the jumping mat. Since shoes could have pinch point they can tear the mat badly with time. And shoes put lots of pressure while you are jumping wearing them. You should not carry any jewelry or sharp or pointed things in your hands or pockets while jumping on the trampoline. They may also cause harm to the trampoline mat accidentally.

Replace parts when necessary

If you maintain proper care for your favorite trampoline, your trampoline will accompany you for a satisfactory period of time. In the process, if you find any parts like springs are rusted or the jumping mat is torn, you should replace them without any delay. Or if you are lucky enough to be still in the warranty period claim that as soon as possible. If you neglect any problem considering that small enough, that negligible problem will result in great loss in the long run. So be someone of action.

Trampoline maintenance and care is very important as it increases the life of your trampoline. If you need to replace any trampoline parts or get your trampoline repaired contact us.