Commercial Trampolines in Nairobi Kenya

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Commercial Trampolines in Nairobi Kenya designed for school use come in various sizes and feature different thicknesses of bed webbing. The larger the trampoline and the narrower the bed webbing, the greater the potential for enhanced performance. The bed webbing options include 4mm or 6mm for higher performance, and 13mm or 25mm for standard performance. The suitability of a trampoline for a desired level of performance is determined by the combination of two factors. If you’re looking for a trampoline for competitive purposes, the Thrifty High-Level Competition Trampoline is an excellent choice as it provides high performance.

When schools select a trampoline in Nairobi Kenya, they must consider the diverse range of potential users. If a trampoline is shared with a community club, it is essential to address the needs of both groups. While a 77A series trampoline with a 25mm or 13mm bed might be suitable for school use, it may not meet the requirements of a club. Therefore, it is advisable for schools to always consider the highest performance level required. Although students in a physical education class can safely use a higher-performance trampoline, it is not recommended for a high-level performer to use one with lower specifications.

Considering the aforementioned reasons, the Thrifty Commercial Trampolines in Nairobi Kenya ( for School, Club & Competition) with a 13mm bed is a popular choice among schools. It is suitable for secondary-age students who may achieve a high performance level. In cases where shared use is not a concern or storage space is limited, the 77A series with a 13mm bed might be more suitable due to its smaller frame while still meeting the needs of secondary students.

For trampolines used with younger students or for rebound therapy, the 77A series with a 25mm bed is commonly preferred.