Rectangular vs Round Trampoline? What’s the difference?

Rectangular trampoline vs round trampoline

Trampolines create the euphoric feeling of temporarily flying especially for kids, imagine having a trampoline in your backyard and giving your children this experience as often as they like! If you would like to purchase a trampoline, you have probably fallen into the rectangular vs round trampoline dilemma.

 The main differences between a round and rectangular trampoline are in the frame strength, use, safety, and bounce. Now let’s take a look at the differences in depth.

 Frame strength

When considering buying a trampoline, the shape shouldn’t be the most important thing to consider but the frame of the trampoline. The type of steel that is used for the trampoline is the thing that forms the quality and durability of the trampoline.

The best material in regards to trampolines is the galvanized steel frame, this material is more resistant to rust thus making the trampoline more durable.

Whether your trampoline is round or rectangular, as long as the material used for the frames is a galvanized steel frame, then both trampolines are good.

Rectangular vs round trampoline: Usage

Is your trampoline entirely for recreation or for athletic purposes? If you want it for your backyard just for the family to have fun, then a round trampoline is the best but if you are a gymnast and want it for practice and horning your skill, then a rectangular trampoline is  the better option.

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You probably want to consider safety when deciding on a rectangular vs round trampoline.The safety of a trampoline does not only depend on the type of trampoline, but the user also plays a huge role in ensuring safety of the trampoline. 

The safety net is also very important while using a trampoline, ensure that you have installed the safety net before you or your children start to use the trampoline.

On the edges of the round trampoline, the height of the jump is reduced, thus pulling people more to the center of the trampoline to have better bounce. This then makes the round trampoline safer while bouncing on the trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines are designed for more mature and experienced people who are aware of the risks and safety precautions that come with using a rectangular trampoline.

 Bounce Factor

The bounce of a trampoline is mostly dependent on the size of the trampoline but also the shape of the trampoline plays a big role on the same.

When you are looking for a trampoline that offers superior bounce, then a rectangular one should the trampoline that you should be looking for. This is because springs on a rectangular trampoline are not activated at the same time while bouncing compared to a round trampoline where all the springs tend to work together during bouncing.

Round trampolines usually have a better bounce at the center of the trampoline as stated earlier this is because it pulls people to the center of the trampoiline.

The rectangular vs round trampoline dilemma should not give you a hard time.  If you want a trampoline for your backyard that will be mostly for recreation, then a round trampoline is best fits the description. On the contrary, rectangeular trampolines are best suited for proffessional athletic activities.

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