Importance of Trampoline Parts

Trampolines are an outdoor equipment that is mostly used for recreation but is also very essential when it comes to exercising. When trampolines are well taken care of, they can last for a very long time. A trampoline has three main components; the frame, springs and jumping mat without these the trampoline cannot function. The other trampoline accessories are net, poles, cover pad and ladder. Contact 0722724893 for trampoline repairs and purchase of trampoline accessories in Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania.

Trampoline Frame

The trampoline frame is the heart and foundation of a trampoline. It supports all the other parts of the trampoline and is very essential for the safety of the trampoline. It is very important to ensure that the material used for the frame is galvanised steel because it has a higher resistance to rust and is also very durable.

The frame of the trampoline is the part that is most likely to last the longest but if one part of the frame is bent it’s important to ensure that it is repaired immediately because if the whole frame spoilt you may have to buy a new frame and it is quite difficult to find.


Springs are reponsibe for the bounce of the trampoline. Without springs, the trampoline would not be fun. Trampoline springs usually vary in sizes and it’s therefore very important to know the size of the springs your trampoline uses before purchase.

Springs usually stretch after frequent use for a long time and can also experience rust if exposed to bad weather. Worn out springs affect the bounce quality of the trampoline and can also lead to damaging of the mat because it may be pulled on one side while bouncing. You are therefore advised to check your springs regularly.

Jumping Mat

The jusmping mat is the most used part of the trampoline. It is made of very strong fabric that can accommodate the weight of up to 5 or more chidren jumping on the trampoline at the same time.

To protect the cover, you are advised to either buy a trampoline cover or place your trampoline under a shade to protect it from damaging UV rays and harsh weather conditions.  If you notice any thin hole spots on your trampoline, know that it is time to get your jumping mat replaced. They come in various sizes, mostly 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft.

Safety Net

Also known as the enclosure, the safety net is very important for preventing injury during trampolining. It is used to prevent one from falling off the trampoline while bouncing and this is usually the main cause of injury while using a trampoline.

Harsh weather conditions can also cause wear and tear for the safety net but getting a new one for replacement is rather easy. Do not allow children to bounce on the trampoline if the net has not been installed.

Spring Cover Pad

Trampoline cover pads cover the springs and the frame of the trampoline. They also provide safety while trampolining, in case one falls on the springs or the frame it helps them not get hurt. The cover pads are therefore so soft and colorful because they improve the aesthetics of the trampoline.

Foam pole paddings

These paddings are usually placed around the enclosure poles and provide protection in case one hits the poles while trampolining. It is placed together with the trampoline pole sleeves.

Trampoline Ladder

The ladder is used for accessibility of trampoline especially for toddlers and children. It can be easily removed and kept somewhere safe if not in use to protect it from wear and tear.

It is important to ensure that the ladder can’t break while someone is using to avoid injury.

Trampolines provide a great deal of fun but can also be very dangerous if the parts are not replaced while worn out. You can get all the above parts and accessories and also get your rampoline repaired  by contacting 0722724893.