How to Prolong the Life of your Trampoline


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Buying a good quality trampoline may be quite costly and therefore to feel the value of your money, the trampoline should be able to serve you for many years. This will only happen if the trampoline is well taken care of and necessary measures of protecting the trampoline are well adhered.

Below, we will provide 3 steps on how to prolong the life of your trampoline.

  • Create some simple trampoline rules for the children.

Children are the ones who spend most of the time on the trampoline and they are not mature enough to think about the repercussions of what they do on the trampoline. Some simple rules like no jumping on the trampoline with shoes on, no climbing on the safety net, limit the number of people jumping on it simultaneously etc, go a long way with protecting the trampoline and its accessories.

For example, when you limit the number of people bouncing on the trampoline simultaneously, it prevents the springs and the jumping mat from stretching too far. This then lowers the chances of having to replace trampoline springs and the mat soon.

  • Weatherproof your trampoline.

Another huge cause of things that may harm your trampoline is the weather. Too much sun and too much rain both have a good chance of destroying different accessories of the trampoline. The frame of the trampoline is made of galvanized steel which means it protects it from rusting when rained on. Overtime though, when the rain is consistent, it may end up rusting. It is therefore important for you to cover your trampoline during the rainy season.

Harsh rays from the sun affect the jumping mat, it increases the chances of wear and tear of the trampoline mat. You are therefore advised to place your trampoline where there is some shade, this is also good for the children because the sun won’t be an issue during their play time.

Protecting your trampoline from either the sun or the rains is more cost effective than having to replace the worn out accessories or in the worst scenario, buying a new trampoline.

  • Properly place your trampoline away from harm.

As explained in the previous post, just placing our trampoline away from harsh sun rays does a lot in prolonging the life of your trampoline.

First, consider placing your trampoline where there are minimal chances of the user being hurt. Do not place it under low lying tree branches, near a fence or on top of stones.

Placing your trampoline away natural fencing, where the plants have thorns can prevent the safety net from being torn by the thorns. It may also protect it from possible fire incidents because plants burn fast.

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