How to Fix a Trampoline Mat Hole

Replacing Trampoline Parts

Ever thought of ways to fix a trampoline mat hole by yourself using a sewing machine? Fixing a large hole in a trampoline mat can be challenging, especially when finding good replacement patches is difficult. However, you can still repair these holes without replacing the whole mat using a sewing machine.

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Here’s how:

  • Carefully remove the mat from the trampoline structure and decouple the springs from the structure.
  • Once the mat is detached, set up your sewing machine with UV-resistant thread that is similar to the thread used to cover the mat, and use a heavy-duty needle.
  • Before sewing, ensure that the needle and thread are compatible and that the thread tension is appropriately set.
  • Position the mat on the sewing machine and align the hole in the mat with the needle. Use a zigzag stitch pattern to reinforce the edges of the hole.
  • Ensure that the stitches are tight and strong to ensure the robustness of the stitch. Repeat the stitching process until the hole is completely closed.

Note: This method requires a bit of skill and is more time-consuming than other methods. You should only attempt this repair if you are familiar with operating a sewing machine.

Consider Hiring a Local Professional for Trampoline Repair

If your trampoline mat has holes larger than 3-4 inches, it’s worth considering calling a local trampoline repair professional instead of immediately replacing the entire mat. Often, mats can be fixed and patched by experienced technicians.

Even if the hole is small, you may still prefer to rely on an expert if you’re not comfortable patching the trampoline mat yourself or simply don’t have the time. You can expect a high-quality result when working with a professional.

Keep in mind that prices for trampoline repair services are usually reasonable, but it’s a good idea to get different quotes from various professionals to ensure you’re getting a fair price.