How to disassemble a Trampoline for storage

how to maintain your trampoline

What is the best idea on how to disassemble a Trampoline? Storing a trampoline is important to prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures and moisture. Disassembling the trampoline is the first step. To do this, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver, a damp towel, a dry towel, a small box for the springs, and a plastic bag for the screws. A spring tool is also useful, but a strong pair of pliers can be used as a substitute.

Start by wiping the mat with a damp towel and then drying it with a dry towel to clean it. Remove the safety net and poles, then bundle them together with packing tape and set them aside. The safety padding should be removed next and folded into two to three-foot sections before setting it aside. When you remove the springs, use the spring tool or pliers, but be careful with rusty or broken springs.

Fold the mat and net and disassemble the frame by unscrewing the top screws around the frame. Clean the ground section of each pair of poles, wash them off with a towel and hose, and dry them well. Bundle the poles and ring sections together.

Transport the trampoline to a storage unit with climate control to protect it from extreme temperatures and humidity. When the weather becomes favorable again, you can set it up in your yard again.

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