Trampoline Longevity

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How much do you know about trampoline longevity? Trampolines are not just fun backyard accessories but also an investment that requires proper care to ensure longevity. As time passes, trampolines may lose their sturdiness and flexibility. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain them properly. In this guide, we will explore the average lifespan of a trampoline and the necessary steps to keep them in excellent condition.

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A trampoline’s average lifespan

Determining trampoline longevity is a complex task as it hinges on various factors, such as the trampoline’s quality and design. A standard trampoline could endure between three to eight years, but some models and brands may surpass this timeline. The actual longevity of a trampoline, however, heavily relies on the quality and durability of the materials it employs and the level of care you give it. It is worth noting that trampolines can be quite expensive, costing several hundred dollars, contingent on factors such as size, height, and construction.

Consider the following tips if you are looking for a trampoline that fits your budget.

Look for a sturdy jumping mat

When looking for a trampoline, it is important to prioritize finding a sturdy jumping mat. The jumping mat undergoes the most wear and tear compared to other trampoline parts. Typically composed of polypropylene fibers, prolonged use may cause the mat to lose its ability to support downward force and even tear. Lower-priced jumping mats may last a couple of years, whereas high-quality ones can last five or more years. To extend the lifespan of the jumping mat, regardless of its quality, it is recommended that users remove their shoes before jumping and protect the mat from moisture by covering or storing it during rainy or snowy weather.

Check the springs for trampoline lengevity

Inspect the springs to ensure they are properly connected to the frame and jumping mat. The springs are crucial in extending and compressing as you jump on the mat. They can lose their elasticity over time despite being crafted from high-quality steel. To extend their lifespan, it’s advisable to store the trampoline during cold months, use vinyl-coated PVC padding to cover the springs, and apply WD-40 to lubricate them and prevent rusting. Replacing damaged springs is a straightforward process as they are readily available.

Look for a rigid frame

For a durable trampoline that can handle frequent use, opt for a model with a sturdy foundation. While many trampoline frames are crafted from galvanized steel, which can bear different weight loads, rusting caused by moisture and heat can pose a severe threat to the frame’s integrity.

To safeguard against damage, it’s recommended to cover the frame with weather-resistant padding. Additionally, it’s crucial to inspect the bolts and screws for looseness and tighten them as needed before each use to avoid accidents.