Grease the Trampoline Springs to Eliminate Squeaking

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When you hear lots of squeaky noises from your trampoline, know it is time to grease the trampoline springs to eliminate squeaking. It also means urgent trampoline repairs are required to elongate its use. Furthermore, any delays create a dangerous situation for the users.

So, why does a trampoline squeak in the first place?

Metallic parts rust over time due to several environmental conditions. This reduces the tensile capacity of the metals significantly, especially if they are springs. Then, the rusty bits rub on each other, creating metal-on-metal friction that produces that irritating noise.

Possible areas of squeaky parts

Generally, three main areas are prone to rustic and metallic friction.

  1. Spring hooks to the trampoline frame

The noise comes when the metals rub against each other at the junction of the spring hook and the trampoline frame.

  1. Rusty springs

When the shiny outer spring cover erodes, rust sets in and eats up your springs. Subsequently, the tensile capacity dies out, and the squeaking noises appear.

  1. Loosening joints, bolts, and nuts

While many people may not notice, the trampoline frame loses its firmness through the loosening joints. When one bounces, the intensity and vibration make the joints rub against each other.

Stopping trampoline springs from squeaking

The most effective way to address this problem is through periodic greasing for lubrication. Unlike oily lubricants, grease has a lubricating agent and a thickener that hold it together to stay on surfaces without oozing away. Again, it is effective under extreme climatic conditions, making it versatile throughout the year.

Applying grease on the metallic trampoline parts

It is easy to do it before setting up the trampoline. Take a small amount with a cloth or cotton swab and smear the grease in the eyelet holes. Repeat the same on the bolts and nuts. Be careful if you use your fingers to grease, as metallic sharp edges can injure your skin.

On the contrary, things are different if the trampoline is already set up. It would help to use a narrow metallic tip to get the grease as close to the eyelet as possible. Do the same to all the springs and joints until well-covered.

In summary, three types of lubricants can give you reliable service. These are synthetic grease, automotive grease, and petroleum jelly. They are all very good for those who want to grease the trampoline springs to eliminate squeaking. So, choose your greasy solution according to your needs and market availability.